summarecon again n again

friday is the dating day. i have a plan with my close fren in mig. let’s call him R. the day is really hot the weather is.. the shine so shiny…

he plans to watch red cliff n he ask me. i say yes coz i really like colossal movies. but suddenly his decision’s changing, he bought me a ‘burn after reading’ movie ticket. then i said why?? he just said this movie got best picture from golden globe… oh i think it would be nice…

then … i don’t really uderstand what kinda film like that?? is it comedy or action? huff…so strange!! this  movie is so weird!! nothing !!!

after that we go to looking around..from 4th level till 1st or ground level..  then we arrived at downtown walk.. just have a sit and chat …hmm chat thru mig either..

so after chat long time enough..then he wants to eat…he looks starving.. then we are going to dinner @KFC.

then the conversation flow naturally..

finally my mom’s call back n ask me don’t be late to go home!

no more waiting… i ask him to go home


like me…………no where


~ by lexi on January 23, 2009.

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