4 strange guys

Today i met 4 strange guys at the nearest mal from my house. i know them from special chat room thru mig33.  Only one guy that i ever met before. I dont know the other 3 guys. I thought than i just sleepy at home, it would be fun if i just lookin around out there and make friends.

When i arrive there, hmmm…. nothing special!! all of them seem strange. In conclusion, all of them are just under my estimation. Although i never imagine what kind like people that i’m going to meet, but let me wish at least one of them can be expected to impress me.   I don’t want to describe them, because it makes me like a fool and arrogance. hehehe i just try to be wise.

Next, all of us play game at timezone. exactly not all of us…. but three guys between them played the dancing game. i like to watch them show off their performance. but by the time goes by i feel bored!! could u think what were in their minds? they just let me bored with their fuckin stupid game!

What should I do? Should I go home? Oh, i don’t think so. back home means boring too. Just my daddy n grandpa over there and my mom not coming yet. Then, I decide to back home yeah than i just watch them or lookin around by myself at this mall?

Tonight is better. Someone that I want to hear his voice is sent me a text. He ask me to ask permission to call me… oh so polite…!! no doubt.. i just want to call him n let my fingers touch his number n let the conversation flow long enough. yeah…. it’s my first time i call him.  I learn who is he from the way he speaks. he taught me so much things. Just a little bit surprise..how could him so much talk….but.. so far so good..

hope it’ll be continue…


~ by lexi on January 14, 2009.

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