small reunion

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hmmm finally i meet my old fren. long time no see. visit my fren’s house. he is a chinese. we greet to their family for chinese new year. then we talk long time enough. disappointed enough coz someone of my fren can’t join with us. hmm.. i think with or without her. ..everything is not different.

after that, we are going to another fren’s house at kelapa dua. my old fren at senior high school. he is a littele bit different. seem a little bit sexy..hahahah.  just little bit shock..coz at his garage, he open a little cafe.

so we are moving to summarecon…hohohoh i dont know ..why this place always fill my holiday… first we are confused to choose which one movie that we are goin to watch.. and d’decision is red cliff.. hohohoh finally i watch the movie that i really want… really cool mandarin movie..

as long as the movie playing… someone sent sms to me as follows:

26 januari 09

mungkin malam ini begitu membuatku mati

mati akan perasaanku

mati akan dimengerti

huff….aku menantinya untuk kabarnya

ternyata dy gak mendengarkan suaraku

bahwa aku rindu banget

mungkin ini sudah jalan takdirku

mencintai seseorang

tapi tanpa balas

biarlah cinta ini cuma kekaguman saja ke dy

ternyata perih

jika aku gak dimengerti


bila esok

aku tidak menapak dunia ini lagi

sampaikan salam hangatkubuat orang yang aku sayangi

bahwa aku mencintai….(text missing)

hmmm… romantic enough…but trully i don’t need that words… sorry …. i mean i need something real..real that can make me feel that i’m a live!!! coz what i feel is my love has died!! i have no heart anymore.. my heart has frozen like a ablock ice in the deep of Antarctic. i can’t feel that u really love me.. i want to see ur sacrifice. u said that you want catch and own me on your way..and make me sure that u love me.

i reply ur massage but no report..huff..then i read ur shout on fs.. hufff… so hopeless..trully i don’t like ur shout. you are not fight yet to get what you want…


summarecon again n again

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friday is the dating day. i have a plan with my close fren in mig. let’s call him R. the day is really hot the weather is.. the shine so shiny…

he plans to watch red cliff n he ask me. i say yes coz i really like colossal movies. but suddenly his decision’s changing, he bought me a ‘burn after reading’ movie ticket. then i said why?? he just said this movie got best picture from golden globe… oh i think it would be nice…

then … i don’t really uderstand what kinda film like that?? is it comedy or action? huff…so strange!! this  movie is so weird!! nothing !!!

after that we go to looking around..from 4th level till 1st or ground level..  then we arrived at downtown walk.. just have a sit and chat …hmm chat thru mig either..

so after chat long time enough..then he wants to eat…he looks starving.. then we are going to dinner @KFC.

then the conversation flow naturally..

finally my mom’s call back n ask me don’t be late to go home!

no more waiting… i ask him to go home


like me…………no where

tired n painfull day

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i start today earlier than usual. i have two exams at this Monday. hufff… i can’t write this post as much as usual coz i feel this tooth sick s really painful for me  huhuhuhuhu 😦

wonderfull saturday nite with him

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hmmm … now i’m with him at summarecon mal serpong. i just met him for a week at supermal. he is younger than me. our relationship so far so good. i mean we are in the progress of acquaintance, know each other. now i know him, he uses mig33 either. hahaha so funny… then i’m not goin to use mxit anymore. 20.01 at summarecon so crowded n a lot of fun. he ordering me for pizza n me keep on writting this blog. the band is just begin, it makes the atmosphere become more fun. before here, i watch a cinema at cinema XXI with a title quarantine. till now, i don’t know when it’s over. i think it’s a good start for our relationship.

hahaha.. now i see him queue for pay pizza’s bill…

looking at his sacrifation…

4 strange guys

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Today i met 4 strange guys at the nearest mal from my house. i know them from special chat room thru mig33.  Only one guy that i ever met before. I dont know the other 3 guys. I thought than i just sleepy at home, it would be fun if i just lookin around out there and make friends.

When i arrive there, hmmm…. nothing special!! all of them seem strange. In conclusion, all of them are just under my estimation. Although i never imagine what kind like people that i’m going to meet, but let me wish at least one of them can be expected to impress me.   I don’t want to describe them, because it makes me like a fool and arrogance. hehehe i just try to be wise.

Next, all of us play game at timezone. exactly not all of us…. but three guys between them played the dancing game. i like to watch them show off their performance. but by the time goes by i feel bored!! could u think what were in their minds? they just let me bored with their fuckin stupid game!

What should I do? Should I go home? Oh, i don’t think so. back home means boring too. Just my daddy n grandpa over there and my mom not coming yet. Then, I decide to back home yeah than i just watch them or lookin around by myself at this mall?

Tonight is better. Someone that I want to hear his voice is sent me a text. He ask me to ask permission to call me… oh so polite…!! no doubt.. i just want to call him n let my fingers touch his number n let the conversation flow long enough. yeah…. it’s my first time i call him.  I learn who is he from the way he speaks. he taught me so much things. Just a little bit could him so much talk….but.. so far so good..

hope it’ll be continue…


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i dont know what i’m goin to write down here. everything is just messy in mind. too much stuff that i’m goin to write. i think i should brainstorming first to make it easy and structured. so…. u must back n visit my blog to read my written!

Hello world!

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